C.M.S.College of Education is a place which is directed towards imparting an all-round education so that students become multidimensional. Our evaluation of students is based on their physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual development. Looking back at the developments in the last few years at C.M.S.College of Education, we have been successful in terms of accomplishments and awards in academic as well as extra-curricular areas of development.

Our students have continued to bring laurels to our College year after year in all spheres. I am indeed happy to acknowledge the sincere efforts of the most revered, dynamic and multi talented Chairman Sri. K.Rajagopalan and most honorable Secretary Sri. R.Velayudhan who has stood by our side in all our endeavors. The faculty, non-teaching staff and students continue to move ahead in producing and maintaining the best standards of this College. We have departmental Clubs and Committees, whose endeavor is to enhance the curricular and extra-curricular profiles of students. We confront our students throughout the year providing them education of high quality in the form of seminars, symposiums, debates, group discussions and workshops.
I wish our students success in all their efforts.